My new class, Luminous Pyramids

Luminous Pyramids thousand pyramids

I just launched my newest online class, Luminous Pyramids. I’m so excited about what this class covers, and wanted to share a little about the inspiration for this class. Those of you who have followed me for a while now know that my favorite kind of quilt is super scrappy, full of color and pattern. The beauty in these kinds of quilts is that they are created by a collection of different fabrics that we, ourselves, have collected and curated into a quilt. It really becomes a patchwork story unique to us and our style. Almost like a snapshot of what our fabric stash might look like. I love that about these types of quilts.

However, these quilts are usually very bright and full of movement in their makeup- lots of places to lead your eye around the design.


But what if we created an overall softer feel? Could an assortment of low volume fabrics achieve the same, wonderfully scrappy look I love? I decided it would be great to test this idea using a simple, one patch design, but thought that choosing triangles as the shape could be fun. And it really was!

Luminous Pyramids thousand pyramids

Why triangles Blair?


As I tell members of the Quilt As Desired Membership, I design my quilts around the part of the quilt making process I enjoy the most. And I definitely enjoy fabric and color picking and design play over fussy, complicated piecing. I designed Luminous Pyramids to be modern in feel, and my hope is that you fill it with fabrics from your stash that YOU adore, fabrics that tell YOUR story (its ok, you’ll only need a few triangles and there will be plenty left for other projects).

Ready to try your hand at your own Luminous Pyramids?


If you are ready to try making your own Luminous Pyramids quilt, you have two different options-

I can’t wait to see what you guys make with this pattern! Be sure to follow #wisecraftluminouspyramids on Instagram to get inspiration!

Luminous Pyramids PDF Pattern and Class

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