My newest online class, Boro-Inspired Quilt

Boro Inspired Quilt online class


I’ve been working behind the scenes to bring you my newest online class, Boro- Inspired Quilt.

I’ve taught this class at Quiltcon for the past 2 years. In addition, I’ve taught it in workshops. Its always been a popular class, and I really enjoy teaching it. It’s all based on the original quilt “Boro” from Wise Craft Quilts, which I designed back in 2016. Since then, I’ve made several other Boro-inspired pieces and they are always a joy to make.

Boro from Wise Craft QuiltsIt was exhibited at Quiltcon and now hangs proudly in our bedroom where I see it every day. Its one of my favorite quilts, and am so thrilled others also love it.

Several of you have wanted to learn to make this type of quilt too. And now you can learn whenever you want! Boro-Inspired Quilts will walk you through how this quilt is made. Improvisational quilting can sometimes feel tricky to start. But we’ll walk through my method of choosing colors and fabrics to go in your own Boro-inspired piece, and how to not get overwhelmed with choices. We begin with a patchwork base for the quilt top, then add fabric patches and all kinds of hand stitches over the top of that base. Finally, we’ll layer up the quilt, hand quilt with easy to do stitching, and bind it.

The beauty of online learning is that once you purchase it, you own it forever. Watch it when you’re ready to learn, watch lessons over and over again. (There may even be a guest appearance from Toby, my cat. He loves fabric.)

Right now, you can purchase it for 25% off the regular price, but only for a limited time.

Find out more and read all about the class below.

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