#myquiltcouldlivehere New Flower Stamps Quilt Pattern

Flower Stamp
A new quilt pattern, just in time for Spring! Flower Stamps is one of those ideas I had in my mind for a long time before I actually got the chance to work on it. You know the kind. They get scribbled or doodled down on small bits of paper when you’re doing something totally unrelated, just so you don’t forget about them!

Every Winter season seems to inspire bright quilts for me, and I guess this past season was no exception. I worked on this idea a little bit here and there, until one day when I found the most amazing gray fabric at Drygoods Design (sorry, I can’t remember the make). From there, I cleared the decks and started cutting and piecing. I love the subtle color shifts of the gray fabrics against the more contrasty pale and orchid pinks. I had this color combo up on my wall for a long time and it made me happy to finally play with it.


When a quilt is made for a bed, it certainly becomes a big focal point in the space. I wanted this one to be calm and graphic, not too overpowering. Does that make sense? I’d love to see a scrappy version of this one as well (might have to make that myself).

Flower Stamp
And where would Flower Stamps live? I’m pretty sure it would live in a bright happy richly-colored space, filled with all kinds of real and illustrated flowers. The girl that lives there feels strongly that every room needs a color punch. A happy space all year long!


From top right- Flowers :: Olive Sofa :: Floral pattern :: Plum wool :: Sweater :: Flower Plant :: Flower Stamps PDF Quilt Pattern


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The Flower Star pattern is available in either printed and PDF form.

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