New Hand Sewn Brooch Kits In The Shop and a #wisecraftstitchalong Coming Soon


I’m excited to introduce my newest Wise Craft Handmade kit, Woven Brooches!


Woven Stitch Brooch DIY kit



Kits take time to source, design, and put together, and these were no exception. Its exciting to finally get them out in the world. I’m calling these “woven” brooch kits because, well, the technique used is sort of a woven thread technique- incorporating a little bit of Sashiko and a little bit of a vintage embroidery technique called Chicken Scratch. Chicken Scratch has been around for a long time, and is a little bit like cross stitch and a little like embroidery. Usually done on gingham fabric, the patterning of the fabric gives it an automatic grid to stitch onto if you follow the gingham squares. (Check out the #chickenscratchembroidery hashtag on IG for some examples.)

The needlework design on these brooches involves a 2-step process of first, laying down a grid pattern of stitches, and then, weaving through them in a specified way. The result is a very lush, textured surface of stitches that create a beautiful pattern.




I played around with using a variegated thread to do the weaving with and fell in love! The color changes in the thread create a beautiful effect across the brooch.

After finalizing the needlework pattern. I put together 4 different brooch kit colorways. Everything you need is in the kit- a beautiful handmade wooden bezel with a pin back, the thread, fabric, a needle, tracing paper, and instructions.







Ember Colorway






These kits are now all in the shop.

Purchase a kit this week and it will ship on Friday, 10/4/19.

Watch me talk through and demonstrate how I stitch this pattern. You will love how fun and easy it is.

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