New Doodle Embroidery Kits

I have shared a bit of my vintage photograph collection on Instagram before. A collection of people, sitting on quilts. Which over time evolved into sitting on blankets and quilt-like things.


I have been asked what I plan to do with them and there was never really a plan. Being some of my favorite things in my studio, I keep them, enjoy them, and find inspiration in them.

Playing around with the idea of creating a fabric image of my favorite photograph (the first one in my collection actually), I decided to create a new kit. Its called a doodle embroidery kit because the idea is to use the supplies that come with the kit to stitch as your heart desires.

A running stitch here, a lazy daisy stitch there… The maker gets to decide what gets doodled on. Its all about play, and sampling any kind of stitch you wish.

I’ve included every single thing you need in the kit. Its so easy! You will even have my favorite Japanese snips for thread clipping (I’m never without them), a full assortment of embroidery thread colors, a needle, a preprinted canvas panel with the black and white image of the photo from my collection, a hoop, tracing paper, double sided fusible webbing, fabrics to add to your piece, its all there.

(Ok, well, I didn’t include the iron and ironing board. The shipping costs…)

The top one was put in a thrift store frame. The one with the scalloped edges will probably be added to a quilt block of some kind. I have lots of ideas.

I am really looking forward to seeing these stitched up!

There’s more new things coming to the shop soon, be sure you are on the email list to be the first to know.

Complete Embroidery Kit


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