New Video- Opening a skein of sashiko thread

Sashiko Thread


It’s the kind of thing we don’t all know about. Those cute little skeins of Japanese sashiko thread- is there a right way to open them? Guess what, there is! And its easy!

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This 100% cotton thread, made of hand sewing, is great. I love stitching with it. Stitches smoothly and gives the look and feel of more traditional sashiko. In the workshops I teach based on my Boro quilt from Wise Craft Quilts, I demonstrate how to use this thread. I realized this little trick might be worth sharing, because its a question I get at every class. Exactly how to open these little skeins to prevent a big tangled mess. Storing my sashiko threads this way makes it easy to grab the color I plan to use without having to untangle several colors.

It seems appropriate that this week’s YouTube Q(uilting) & Answer video tip is my favorite trick for opening up and storing this type of thread. Enjoy!


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And don’t forget to watch my Sashiko playlist on YouTube to learn this stitching technique. Its one that you can really relax into, not difficult at all. (Note: I no longer carry sashiko starter kits as mentioned in the video, but I do carry cloth, thread, needles, and palm thimbles in my shop)


sashiko thread

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