We did some agressive tidying and planting in the front yard over the weekend. We need to do so so much more, but time is short, so we take it in baby steps and try not to make ourselves crazy with the list of what remains undone. Lucky for us, there are many plants in our yard that are well established, like this epimedium, and really don’t need much from us. I love their heart-shaped leaves.

Ferns are some of my favorite plants and they do really well here in the pacific northwest. Our yard is full of them, and I find ways to tuck more in everywhere I can. I think of painting that urn every time I look at it, but I also kind of like it the way it is. Its one of those things I’ve had my whole married life.

A few plants made it inside over the weekend. And I finally made a terrarium, which I’ve always wanted to do-

As if the front yard were thanking us for the attention, flowers are blooming like crazy since we weeded and thoroughly watered over the weekend.

I did a little write up on nonchalant mom about finger knitting with Emma and Ian, a fun thing to pull out from time to time.

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