Preparing for Summer Cocktails with a Repurposed Bar Cart

Bar Cart
The wise craft household has upgraded the bar. Or at least the bar cart. The first one served us quite well, and was perfect our cocktail Fridays, but when Peter recently moved into a new office,this cabinet came home when there was no longer a need for it in the new space. I wasn’t totally sold on its art deco style and kind of pretended it wasn’t in our dining room for about a week- until I thought, what the hell? Let’s just move all the nice glasses and liquor bottles there and call it a bar cabinet? I spent part of last Saturday cleaning the glassware that I could move in there (everything from wedding registry crystal to vintage glassware that used to be available in detergent boxes).
Bar Cart
Erica, I would have rolled the old bar cart to your house if I’d known you’d be interested, or at least tried to.
Front and center by the libations is Peter’s 3rd grade ceramic sculpture of Nixon. I just love everything about that piece- that a 3rd grader was so moved by a president to render him in clay, his hands in the classic up-in-the-air-pose, that his mouth was used as an ashtray when I first met Peter, everything. (Plus it always starts a conversation, perfect over drinks, right)
Bar Cart
To our new improved bar service I’ve also added a collection of orphaned silver spoons we own that I’ve never known what to do with. Let’s stir drinks with them! I polished them and put them in a mint julep cup.
Bar Cart
I am laughing-we have not used nearly enough of that liquor since the last time I photographed it! Since I’ve been deep in editing and pattern writing, I’m thinking it’s high time to do something about that. My bar board awaits! Although I always seem to go to the old favorites over and over again- Pim’s cup and the classic gin and tonic.
What about you? What’s your favorites?

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