John James Set of 16 Size 8 Embroidery Needles


John James needles are my favorite needles to use for all my hand sewing projects

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John James needles, made in England, are the kind of needles that someone tells you that you should try them, but you don’t. Then you’re at a weekend sewing retreat, and realize you’ve forgotten your hand sewing needles. You friend gives you a John James needle and by the end of the weekend you are completely sold on their superior quality. They are just a that much better than any old hand sewing needle. Try them and see for yourself.

These are a size 8 for embroidery, but if your eyesight is not great, like mine, they are perfectly sized for hand sewing your quilt binding edge to the back of your quilt too.

Pack of 16 needles

Tip- Did you know that if you are having trouble threading a hand sewing needle, you should try turning the needle around so you are threading from the other side. The eye of the needle is punched during manufacturing. Often there can be a very slight ridge on on side of the eye, making it more difficult to thread.


Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4.25 × 1.75 × .25 in

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