Progress in the Wise Craft Studio and Some Links to Share

The studio update is coming along! (Pictures soon, but here’s one on Instagram.) Peter finished removing the back counter that wrapped around the back of the room. This really needed to come out, the way it was oriented really cut the room in two and was weird to maneuver around. So, it’s now gone and the studio suddenly feels twice as big! This weekend, we paint the floors. Hopefully in a couple of weeks it will be not only functional again, but better than it was. Stay tuned!
In the meantime, some links to share-
I’m still working on adding some new dinners to my line up and these pork tacos, recommended by Peter’s sister, are worth every bit of prep!
Braised Pork Tacos
– Braised Pork Tacos
– Ace & Jig’s newest home collection, Bazaar– They use vintage French linens and remnants from Japanese Boro quilts in their pieces.
IKEA Sprutt
– I’ve got my eye on this storage cabinet, from IKEA’s newest collection Sprutt, for my studio when it’s back together. I’m determined to no longer be a stacker, but instead a putter-away-er!
color wash effect with liberty prints
Via Exuberant Color
– I am obsessing over color washed quilts, with fabrics like Liberty prints that play with tonal value across the surface of the quilt.
– Everybody in the house is constantly reheating and using our rice pillows. I couldn’t go to sleep without mine wrapped around my cold toes.

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