Quick and Fun Halloween Projects Part 2

Halloween projects collage 2


More Halloween projects. Most of these are so easy, they don’t even need one. They’re so easy!

More easy Halloween DIY Projects!


Clockwise from top right: Add construction paper “blood drips” to an overhead light fixture; spray paint thrift store ivy black and drape around front entrances, Grey Gardens-style; print out old black and white hollywood photos and put in spray painted black frames, adding fangs, devil horns, and blood drips, create decayed floral centerpieces; dye old lace pieces black and drape over furniture, drip red candle wax onto white candles; make a junior vampire!; add stacks of eerie novels and books to the mantle, spray paint ceramic tchotchkes black and glue on rhinestone eyes; make moldy fruit bowls using thrift store fruit.


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