Quiltcon 2024 Recap- Part 1

Hello! I hope you are well!


I made a very quick trip to Raleigh, North Carolina recently, to attend Quiltcon 2024, put on by The Modern Quilt Guild. I also was able to slip in some family time with my brother and his family (I grew up about 1 1/2 hours outside of Raleigh). at Quiltcons past, I have taught workshops and stayed highly scheduled, but this time around I went purely as an attendee, so I had the chance to walk the show, see the quilts, and catch up with people in person instead of through the computer screen! It was wonderful!


I wanted to share some of the quilts that caught my eye and share some thoughts.


The quilt at the top of this post received the award for Best In Show, by Ginny Robinson (@minnowpeck). “What We Will Use as Weapons: A List of School Supplies”. The back of the quilt is a semi-automatic weapon. I love what Ginny says about this quilt- “I know this quilt is where it is because it resonates, because it is doing work – it is one of many in that way.” Hanging as it was at the very front of the show so both sides could be seen was very powerful.


This quilt “Anechoic” received an Excellence Award and is made by Janice Reimer (@prairieandocean). I was drawn to the perceived movement and the use of color, and color value in this quilt.

“Finding Joy” by Susanna Vakili (@quiltingastherapy) reminded me alot of a doodle quilt I made a few years ago. Not the design itself, but more interpreting that sense of creative play into a quilt.

Striped fabrics strips are interpreted and manipulated in “United Stripes” by Karen Duling (@karenduling)

I seemed to be most inspired by the “Modern Traditionalism” quilt category, which definitely tracks for me. So much of my work is influenced not only by traditional blocks, but also by traditional reasons or needs of quilting- warmth, necessity, trousseau for a new bride, memorializing a loved one’s favorite clothing.


“Big Ocean” by Tara Faughnan (@tarafaughnan) is a modern interpretation of the traditional Ocean Waves quilt block, and features Tara’s recognizable color palette against a black background. So beautiful!

“Into the Wind” by Michelle Bartholomew (@michellebartholomew). Another traditional block, a Sawtooth Star, but the quilt itself has the star blocks manipulated and sized to mimic the effect of a quilt blowing in the breeze. A deceptively simple looking quilt, but I imagine there was lots of math involved!

“A Cup of Cubist Coffee and a Chocolate Chip Cookie” by Ann Feitelson (@feitelsonann) is a beautiful play of color and shape.

I am a big fan of Maria Shell’s quilts and this one, Liminal Lines (@mariashellquilts) was really mesmerizing in the best way. A detail image of the quilt shows both hand and machine quilting.

And one of my absolute favorites from the show, “Hoi Polloi” by Kamie Grangroth (@kamiegrangroth). The colors, the shapes, the tiny pieces? YES PLEASE!


I have more to share, so stay tuned!

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