Bleach Discharge Patchwork

I made this patchwork quilted piece using some of the fabrics I discharged with bleach a few days ago. With all the squares and stripes in this patchwork piece I thought it might like a round home, and I’ve had a few round fabric pillow forms in my supplies for a while. A few trials and I could possibly be getting closer to a round shape that actually looks like I want it to, but its frustrating. Why do round pillows stump me? Random things in sewing stump me. Zipper? No problem… Making a king sized quilt? Not a problem?…. Oh, wait, you said a round pillow? Complete Befuddlement. I’ll get there.
I did a post today over at nonchalant mom on heading back to school. I’d love to hear what routines and strategies are working for you guys. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to keep them on task. I’m sure going to miss them when they head back next week, but I am looking forward to being a little more productive and focused all around.
And quite honestly Ian could stand to read something other than the Lego catalog. Anything.
Hey, this posting every day thing is not too bad!

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