Ruby Ambassador Video Interview with Jenny Haynes of Papper Sax Sten

Ruby Ruler Ambassador Papper Sax Sten


Happy Monday to you all! Our heating is currently broken and its bit cold in the house. Fingers crossed the repairman coming in an hour can fix it quickly. (Send warm thoughts!)

In the meantime, I wanted to share a link to my video interview with Britain-Based quiltmaker Jenny Haynes of Papper Sax Sten. She is one of my Ruby Ruler™ Ambassadors and I love seeing how she is using the Ruby Ruler™ to check color values on her curvy-pieced quilt designs. She manages to create very interesting tunnel and tubular effects using curved piecing and color value.


Ruby Ruler Ambassador Papper Sax Sten Curved Piecing



Ruby Ruler Ambassador Papper Sax Sten using Ruby Ruler


I really enjoyed sitting down with Jenny, and hearing about her inspiration and process. Be sure to read the blog interview I did with Jenny here. Also, visit Jenny’s website, Papper Sax Sten, to learn even more about Jenny and her beautiful work. Here’s the video!



You can see all of the Ruby Ruler Ambassador interviews here on my YouTube Channel. Look for more of these in 2020!

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