Organizing with Drawstring Bags

drawstring bag pattern
drawstring bag pattern
When there is a lot of ’round the house tasks to be done, I like to think that’s just all part of the quality time my family and I spend together when we all take part. (There are those here who would disagree.) Emma and I spent most of Saturday afternoon in her room, attempting to get it a little more organized. I really have to psyche myself up to take on that room. It easily overwhelms me, I look in there and want to turn and do something, anything else. There are a lot of teensy things in a 10 year old girl’s world…things the owner is usually unwilling to part with. I’m getting the sense that a 10 year old girl’s world seems to float between little girl and growing up girl. (That one would be the girl who made our dessert on Saturday night.) One side wants to have tea parties with stuffed animals, one side wants to get her ears pierced. Realizing this as I have has made me a little more sympathetic to the piles of stuff in Emma’s space. I realize that there’s hidden meaning there, even she doesn’t quite understand.
I took it as a sign when Betz talked about making some shoe bags, that I should make some storage pouches for Emma using what I have in my stash (still trying to more of that, and the beauty of starting a project at 9 pm is that you have no choice!). These bags are about 11″ x 14″ (I think they are same as the medium sized ones in Heather’s book), although I sort of made these up as I went along. They’re quite easy to sew yourself, so clever and useful. These can be used for just about anything. I pulled a page from a decorating magazine of a girl’s bedroom in a summer home that had pegs along one wall with simple bags like these hanging from them. I have something like a row of pegs I’m going to dig up and use to hang these. Then I am going to make some more for traveling, thinking ahead for when we head out to sunny Florida in a few weeks. Shoe bags… lingerie bags…electronic cord bags…anything bags…
drawstring bag pattern

But especially bags to keep those tiny, special things all together.

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