Stitch Away The Winter Blues

Let’s finish your stitched squares into a mini quilt!


I am so excited to guide you through how to finish your beautifully stitched squares! I will give you information and techniques on how to create a mini quilt of your squares. This can be either stitched together by hand or by machine.


Click on the button below for a list of materials you will need in order to finish your stitched squares into a mini quilt. Use it to hang on your wall to remind you of all the stitching you did, or gift it to your favorite furry friend to lay on.


In addition to all the materials that Kate has discussed and recommended, I have an Amazon page where I link all my preferred sashiko supplies, as well as my favorite quilting supplies. Find that all here.

Videos tutorials for finishing


In addition to what we will cover during our finishing lesson, these are videos to show some of the steps we will cover as well.


I will be showing you how to tie the layers of your quilt together (the front, the batting, and the backing). Tying your quilt adds a nice bit of texture and can be contrasting or matching in color to coordinate with your stitched pieces as you’d like.

How to tie the layers of your quilt together

If you decide to add hand quilting stitches instead of tying the layers together, I wanted to add in this video on how I bury my threads in the quilt layers when doing this.

Burying thread tails when hand quilting

I will demonstrate a way to add binding to the edges by hand, but here is how I add binding by machine.

Attaching binding by machine

It’s always a nice finishing touch to label your piece. The label can have any and all information you’d like to remember- when you stitched it, how, etc. I sometimes add interesting details that I will find fun later. Like “binged Game of Thrones as I stitched this”.

Making a label for your mini quilt

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