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Tagged Cheryl Arkison
My friend Cheryl has just debuted her first line of quilting cotton, Tagged.
She asked some of us if we would play along with a fun little word game she came up with to show off the fabric online! Each day, someone posts a quilt block somehow made with their assigned word, in tagged fabric. The end of the week spells out “Create Every Single Day”. My word was “single”.

Which is a word that now looks very strange to me, because I’ve looked at it for so long and in every single font I like.
But anyway. I took inspiration from Cheryl’s fabric to create my block, which made me think of crossword puzzles. Little known fact- I am addicted to New York Times Crosswords on my phone and play at least one every day, usually more (a subscription gives you 20+ years of archives!). Did you know that Monday’s NYT puzzles are the easiest, and that they grow progressively more difficult every day of the week, the hardest one being Sundays? I only ever do Mondays and Tuesdays, but a couple of years ago I also took on Wednesdays. Who knows, maybe I’ll add in Thursday one of these days!
Find out more about Cheryl’s new fabric line, Tagged, here. See some of the projects she’s already been stitching away on with it on her blog.

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