Thread Drawing Daily Challenge

free motion stitching

Day 56

Last year I started a 100 day creative challenge- to make one thread drawing daily. These are about 6 x 6 inches square, essentially a very mini quilt sandwich (backing-batting-top). On each one I draw with stitches (more about it in this post).
I got busy and started making excuses around day 50-something. I don’t remember exactly why I got lazy about it, but I put it aside. Anyway, no time like the present to pick it back up again. A daily challenge is really good for me. It can be so helpful in so many ways to push through creative challenges of all types. Its very easy to just put certain things aside when they get hard. To find more important things to do. Sitting with it and figuring it out is when exciting things happen for me.
free motion stitching

Day 55

I’m about to do Day 57. I haven’t been doing it for 57 continuous days, but I still think I am learning alot about the whole process. The challenging days are when I try to think and sketch my very own original doodle or drawing (like Day 18). I don’t have time to do that every day, so I’m allowing myself to trace some Dover images like letters and other motifs. That presents its own challenge- free motion stitching on the lines I’ve drawn and adding depth and color to create a picture.
I have to say my very favorite ones are the silhouettes I did for Days 46-48. I apparently like having boundaries. The one below, Day 54, is a leftover quilt block from a quilt I made for Lisa Solomon. About 10 x 10″. I pulled it out, sandwiched it, and stitched it up. I did another leftover quilt block and might have a small addiction to pulling out old quilt blocks and stitching on them.
free motion stitching

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