Tie or Knot Your Quilt Layers Together



The quilt above, Summer Sherbet, from my first book, was tied at the center of every 4 patch.

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Turquoise Trail tied Quilt

The quilt above, Turquoise Trail, is tied in a grid pattern across the quilt, which I marked first.

My first video on my new YouTube channel is about tying quilt layers together. I tied my first quilt together, made of my daughter’s baby clothes (which I show in the video). I made it 20 year ago, not understanding how else to “quilt” it. Looking at some pictures of antique quilts, made sense to tie it.

The Friendship Bracelet Quilt in the video and above, was also tied in a grid pattern I marked on the quilt’s surface, this time closer together.


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The Eiderdown quilt from my first book, pictured above, was tied it at the corners of each square, using perle cotton, but the knots were positioned on the back instead of the front, giving the front a smoother look.

There is a lot of emphasis these days on free-motion quilting on your home machine, or elaborate long arm quilting. I am loving free motion quilting, most definitely. But if its not your thing, let me assure you, those ties on that first quilt have held up beautifully through several washings). But don’t let your quilt tops languish in a UFO pile, quilt them!

Have you ever tried tying quilt layers? I’d love to hear your thoughts or suggestions about things you’d like me to do videos on.

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