#myquiltcouldlivehere : Tipsy Log Cabin Quilt

Tipsy Log Cabin front by Wise Craft Handmade

I know the countdown is on for the holidays (at least in my house, the number of days left till Christmas is promptly announced every morning by my 13 year old). As I take the next couple of weeks off to enjoy my time with family and help my son count down the days, I wanted to talk about the inspiration and design behind some of my new quilts. I’m also starting a new series here and on Pinterest called “My Quilt Could Live Here”, showcasing what I daydreams and thoughtful scenarios I have running through my mind while I’m making each new piece. So much time and thought goes into each quilt I make, it allows me tons of time to daydream where the quilt’s ultimate life should be lived.




When I begin a new quilt, I sketch out initial ideas in my sketchbook, then compose the layout on my quilt wall with cut fabric pieces. Other times, an idea starts as a completely improvisational one. The “oh, I’ve got a few minutes and I really want to sew something” kind of thing that usually turns into, well…honestly…not much to speak of.

Sometimes those projects turn into something like this, that I really love.

Every piece of fabric in this quilt is from my scrap bins. On one of those “Oh, I’ve got a few minutes….” nights, I randomly grabbed the white/cream and pink scrap bins. (I keep my fabric scraps separated by color, in clear bins from IKEA. My kids are always willing to sort batches of scraps for money, so they help keep them organized.) Other than deciding that one half of each block would be light, and the other half would be pink, the blocks were pieced entirely by whim. Grab, sew, press, trim, repeat. I only decided what I wanted where the second before I sewed it. This freedom of play is so important in quilting. Every minute of making this quilt was enjoyable. (Did I mention I had some really good music playing in the studio that night?)

The back piecing is a little off. I allow that to happen in my quilts, because I really love the movement of the slightly off-kilter effect of the lines, and the effect that squaring up and binding has on it. Maybe its not for everyone, but it’s definitely for me.
Where do I see this quilt living? Dark, sophisticated, possibly modern spaces that value a good pop of color and pattern movement. This quilt is a statement piece, that one power accessory that makes a room stand out in a crowd.

Tipsy Log Cabin Quilt Collage
Clockwise from top right: Porch with pink chair/Tipsy Log Cabin quilt/yellow sofa room/gray sofa room/floral/Dining Room/Beige Sofa Room

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Happy Monday!

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