Tufted in Simply Moderne Magazine

Back in February, right when I got back home from Quiltcon, I hosted Carol Veillon, editor of Simply Moderne Magazine at my studio. It was such a treat to have her to my studio. Truth be told, I usually am forced to do a deep clean of my space when visitors are due to arrive, the studio got a very nice, much needed tidy up two days prior to her visit (always a good thing!).


She interviewed me about my love of exploring different color values in my quilts and how I use those values to create shapes and forms in my designs. In the end, Carol asked me to create a “technical lesson” for a future issue. The technical lessons in Simply Moderne usually involved a quilt design or several designs that involved one concept. The dedicated lesson helps to go deeper and provide ways to apply the idea.



I created a wall hanging sized quilt that explored the concept of light and dark color value and how to apply that idea to scraps or the fabric in your stash. “Tufted” reminded me of a upholstered piece of furniture with big tufted areas that really show up because the light creates shadows in those areas. And of course I always use the Ruby Ruler™ when designing any sort of quilt design that relies on value.



This quilt is deceptively simple- just squares and half square triangles. But the simplicity of the shapes allows you to focus more on the color and design itself. I keep the squares small to train the eye to focus less on the design of each fabric individually, and instead of what’s happening in the quilt design as a whole- dark and light fabric areas. Sunshine and shadow.


I’d love to see a bigger version of this quilt! Please pick up a copy of this beautiful magazine. Its always full of inspiration and is one of my favorites. So honored to be included! There are tons of other great pieces in this issue, including one of my friend Patricia Belyea of Okan Arts, as well as a recap of what was on display at QuiltCon this past February.

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