Kid Knitting

kid knitting
Oh! My girl knitted yesterday! With me!
kid knitting
As obsessively as I craft, I’ve always worried that the kids would turn a blind eye and reject it all.
kid knitting
However… I see approximately 13 weeks of summer vacation ahead of us, which can be blissful, or excruciating, depending on my frame of mind (really, mine, not theirs). I decided that having a knitting project to pull out and work on here and there might be a good place for Emma to start, to answer the I’m bored’s. (this event was a long time coming, she IS ten, after all.) I pulled Kids Knitting off the bookshelf and together we read through casting on, simple garter stitches, pretty much keeping to the basics. Emma chose some variegated yarn, which had an added bonus of helping her see the individual stitches better.
Under the fence,
Catch the sheep,
Back we come,
Off we leap.

I’ve moved on, but I can hear her saying this over and over in the other room, sitting on the beanbag.
She’s already aiming for bigger and more complicated projects (I’ve no idea where she gets that from). She’s keeping it in one of the drawstring bags I made for her. After all, a project like this really does come down to good gear, right?
Now, I’m looking for 7 year old boy friendly how-to’s. I’m evisioning wood and power tools in my summer’s future. What do you guys have for me, any thoughts? He’s a tough one, I’ll warn you.

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