sketching every day


Two months ago, before challenging myself to sketch every day for a year for The Sketchbook Project,

– I fully believed I could not draw.

– I would have never started any drawing I managed to force from my brain with a permanent marker (only a pencil I could erase).

– I did not believe that doodling amounted to anything other than doodling.

– I would stop drawing as soon as I felt I had fully developed my idea in my head and would never look back at what I drew with any reflection.

– If something looked terrible, I immediately stopped.

– Sketching was not relaxing to me. It felt forced and akward, even when the occasional inspiration to draw actually came over me.

– I felt I did not have time to develop the skill of drawing or sketching.


I have already learned so much about myself since I started this personal challenge.

Sketchbook Doodling from Blair Stocker on Vimeo.

Music is Mike Mills by Air.

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