Wise Craft Handmade YouTube Channel

I started the Wise Craft Handmade YouTube channel to share simple quilting tips, hints, and techniques, as well as other DIYs that I love to do. My goal right now is to get one new video posted per week, and I’m three weeks in.

Video is intimidating, both to learn and do. I film and edit all myself, so I’m learning alot! I’m not sure why my kids aren’t more helpful, being the YouTube experts they seem to be, but they aren’t.
The newest video shows some examples of my cutting up clothing I’ve brought home from the thrift store. Almost all of the quilts I make use some kind of recycled, previously used fabric. There’s not 42″ of useable width or yards of that kind of fabric, so I have adapted the piecing and size of my quilts to work with the size and amounts of the useable “fabric” I cut from these types of pieces. Cut close to the seamline, cut it away unless you want to incorporate it in the quilt (I usually cut all but one of the side seams completely off. Undo hems, cut off cuffs, collars, open up back yokes of dress shirts (sometimes there’s a large panel of good fabric in that). These are some of the things I do.
I also have video up showing my favorite way to bind my quilts, and how to tie a quilt to “quilt it”. I hope you enjoy them!

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