I made some progress on Ian’s marquee quilt. I’m liking the selection of fabrics I finally settled on (with a little help from a surprise package from Erin back when I started). Very gender neutral is what I was hoping for. He’s just feeling too old these days for hedgehogs and robots (which, at the ripe old age of almost 8, is sad, but true). This all feels more in line with what I had in mind. All those 12″ x 40″ strips will soon be sliced perpendicular, into smaller strips, which will then be pieced into new strips, or, um, something like that, oh, actually, I don’t quite remember…its so hot around here I can’t think straight. 90’s all week (no air conditioning). And anything involving quilt assembly and a steam iron is the absolute last thing I will be able to do. I took this photo just before we shut the house up, vault style, closing shades and blinds, and hanging sheets over windows with no covering. We’re like a bunch of vampires, running from the sun. Its dreadful.

Our niece Kate is visiting us for the week, so we’ve been showing her the sites around Seattle.
Today, we’re going to show her how we run through a sprinkler.

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