DIY Ornament

DIY glass ball ornaments two ways

Neon Glass Ornament DIY



PomPom Ornament DIY

DIY holiday ornaments are my favorite, but I also like to buy unique handmade ornaments, and to exchange them with friends. In fact, I probably have an ornament problem. But I can’t stop!READ MORE

Yves Saint Laurent The Perfection of Style

Seattle Art Museum and Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent The Perfection of Style

Who sees quilting inspiration in this piece like I do?

Recently, my daughter and I went to see the Seattle Art Museums exhibit of Yves Saint Laurent’s body of design work. Entitled “The Perfection of Style“, it is a visual timeline of YSL, an important part of fashion history (and now). It presented not only many many of his classic designs, but also showed his many line sheets, swatch cards, sample print cards, and quick drawings of pieces he would eventually turn into designs. A true look into the mind of a creative genius.READ MORE

DIY pincushions by Wise Craft at Creativebug

DIY Upcycled Pin Cushion

DIY pincushions by Wise Craft at Creativebug

These upcycled pin cushions are the perfect touch to make for yourself, or as a gift to a friend who sews. Try sticking in some pre-threaded needles, all ready to go for everyday mending. Or maybe some pretty glass head pins. They are made from scrap fabric and those little sake cups and tiny little ceramic cups and vessels I see often at the thrift store. There is usually just one of them, and I thought this was a fun way to use them.