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A Fabric Scrap Christmas Ornament DIY

Christmas Ornament
Making Christmas decorations is always so fun for me! I have made so many holiday decorations through the years, so much its really impossible to get them all out each year. These days, I’m trying hard to use materials I already have on hand, and these simple DIY ornaments are made with fabric scraps, craft paint, and wooden beads. I made these early in the season, and wasn’t quite ready to go with full-on holiday colors just yet, so I grabbed some non-Christmasy green and blue craft paint for the beads, and some equally neutral fabric scraps.

Fabric Scrap Christmas Decoration/Ornament

Christmas ornament
1. Paint 6 wooden beads per ornament and let dry.
2. Tear your fabric into 1 inch strips, each one should be about 20 inches long.
3. Place 2 strips with wrong sides together, tie a knot at one end.
4. Thread a needle, and stick it up through the knot. Thread through the first wooden bead, then thread a bit of fabric, then a bead, then fabric, as in the photos.
Christmas ornament
5. Tie a knot in the fabric strips at the top. I left enough fabric at the top to create a hanging loop. Just loop the fabric back around to the knot at the top, and stitch in place to hold.

I think these would look really pretty in a longer garland.
Christmas Ornament