Granny Square Sampler Project- Week 7

African Flower
(Find all the assignments for this entire project listed on this page.)
I am so excited for this week’s square! It’s great for you beginners who are still getting the basic stitches down, but sort of adds a little flare. I found the video early this week and starting playing around with the square on Wednesday and let’s just say I think this is one of the prettiest squares I’ve ever tried. A variation of the African Flower Granny Square, its going to measure around 4 1/2″ square or so, done in our weight of yarn.
In the video, she begins her square with a little something called a “magic ring”, also called a magic adjustable circle, etc. I wanted to talk about this at some point, but didn’t want to overwhelm any beginners out there in the early weeks. But really, it’s a nifty way to begin a center circle and I like that it pulls the circle tightly, leaving no center hole.
To learn to make a Magic Circle to begin this week’s granny square, go to this video. I encourage you to give it a try, its a good trick to know.
The alternative method to begin this week’s square is as we’ve been doing- With first color, ch 5, join with a sl st to form a ring.
She also does a triple crochet stitch (tc), which is a new one for this project. Here’s a video for this one (we don’t need to worry about the part where she explains about putting it into the 5th loop, etc. for our project, that would be for crocheting row by row, instead of in the round.

This week’s assignment is the Granny Square African Somalia Flower– Make 2 of these.
(Kathy generously agreed to share the instructions she wrote for this flower following the video, here they are for those who need them. Thank you Kathy!!)

Granny Square African Somalia Flower

Make magic ring with 7 sc.
Close ring with sl st into 1st sc
Rnd 1 – same color. ch 3, 1dc into same stitch, *ch 1 , 2dc in next sc. Repeat from* until end of round, ch1 . (8 prs of dc.) Close with sl st into initial chains.  End off.
Rnd 2 – join new color. Begin bet any set of dcs; ch 3, 1dc, ch 2, 2dc into same space, ch 1. In next space *2dc, ch 2, 2dc, ch 1*, repeat from * * all the way around. Close with a sl st into initial chain. Do not end off.
Rnd 3 – same color. 1 sl st over to the ch 2 space closet to the hook, ch 3, 6dc, ch 1. *In the next ch 2 space, 7dc, ch 1*, repeat from * * all the way around. Close with a sl st into initial chain. End off.
Rnd 4 – change color. Start in the middle of a petal from previous row, ch 1. 1 sc into every stitch all the way around, but the ch 1 space (between petals), 1 sc but pull the stitch to elongate it, do this sc stitch into row 2 to create a long stitch (see video). Continue all the way around. End off.
Rnd 5 – change to frame color. Start at a notch between petals. Ch 2, *sk 1 st, 1 hdc, 3sc, 1hdc, sk 1 st*, then 2 tc, ch 3, 2 tc all into the same stitch (corner). *sk 1 st, 1 hdc, 3sc, 1hdc, sk 1 st* 1 hdc (this hdc is instead of making a corner), repeat from * * 1 time, then make next corner. *sk 1 st, 1 hdc, 3sc, 1hdc, sk 1 st* 1 hdc (this hdc is instead of making a corner), repeat from * * 1 time. Repeat from * * 1 time, and sl st into intial chain. Do not end off.
Rnd 6– (I did not do this on mine) 1 hdc into each stitch all the way around. End off.
Please remember, we are not professional crochet pattern writers, so if you see mistakes, let me know in the comments.
Week 7

Week 7
I hope you are taking time to spread out all the squares you’ve done and admire your work, especially you beginners. I am so excited that there are folks out there learning to crochet simply by following along on this project and trying the squares! When I envisioned this afghan as a finished project originally, I saw my version using minimal amounts of colors and repeating them, but the more squares I do, the more I like the variety of what I’m seeing. I’m worried less and less about actually picking colors for each square. If you have a color that you will be using a lot of to connect our squares together in the end (for me, it will be cream), then try to see in your mind how that will connect all these random colors. I’m excited to get to that point.
One more thing- I have created a pinterest board for all the week’s assignments for those who are over there a lot (kind of like me lately). Hope that is helpful.
Enjoy your weekend!

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