may inspiration and a crochet granny square sampler-along (how do I say that)?

Happy May Day!

Thank you all so much for the comments and tweets about yesterday's painting. I feel a bit sheepish about showing something I am so new at, but you guys are so great and so enthusiastic, you make me feel the same way about it.

Now, how about a little May inspiration wallpaper for your computer??


Download the May inspiration image here.( I only know how these images look on our Macs, so if there is ever an issue with how they look, and choosing "resize to fit screen" in your settings doesn't seem to work, please shoot me an email.)

I have had such good thrifting luck lately. I found those embroidery woolen skeins in the image (they're so teensy and cute!) and some beautifully colorful sheets. In fact, I am working out a quilt design in my head every night when I'm going to sleep that involves those pretty floral sheets.


And let's talk for a minute about granny squares. I have been working a bit here and there on the crocheted granny square sampler that I discovered a few weeks ago. A commenter had cautioned me that it is full of errors and she was right. Some of the directions just really don't make sense, and I was getting frustrated the other day when I thought, let's just come up with our own sampler! We (you and I) could do our own crochet granny square sampler. I started writing up a pattern that would include the granny with a circle center, as well as the traditional granny, and some other variations.

Will you do it with me??

I could create a loose timetable here on the blog each week, to follow as strictly or loosely as you want, this would be a go at your own pace kind of thing. I could also include links to videos (and possibly my own videos, if I am that together) that explain any new techniques, or how to do each new square, etc. I'm not totally clear on all the details yet, but I will figure them out. We follow along, all doing our own thing at our own pace, what do you say?? The beauty of a sampler project is that its a great take-along project for summer trips, there's little more you need other than a hook and a couple colors of yarn.

If you're interested, let me know in the comment section.


Fantasy four patch on chairsm

I love making quilts. Over the years, I have learned new techniques, taught myself traditional methods, and made many mistakes. These days I design original quilt patterns and play with improvisational quilting methods.

Here’s how to make the quilt display ladder I have in my studio (pictured above)

I wrote a post on quilting books and links for the new quilter here.

A post here about my favorite vintage and unique quilting books.

I explain how I baste my quilt layers together here.

The original quilt patterns I have designed can be found both in my online shop and at Pink Chalk Fabrics.


Day of The Dead quilt 1sm

Day of the Dead quilt, completed September 2013.



Spool mini-quilt turned into a sewing machine dust cover, completed August 2013.



Cocktails on the Beach Quilt, completed August 2013.

Fantasy four patch sm
Fantasy Four Patch Toile, completed July 2013.



Flower Star, completed June 2013



Sliced Swoon, completed May 2013


Jewel Boxes, completed March 2013


Friendship Bracelet quilt version 2, completed March 2013, pattern available here.



Echo Star original quilt design, a modern play on traditional star quilt blocks. I wrote about the making of this quilt here.

PDF pattern available here.




Jelly Roll Race quilt, an easy to make quilt out of pre-cut fabric jelly rolls, completed Winter 2013.You can watch a video of me free motion quilting on this quilt here.



Emerald Blocks original quilted pillow, completely Winter 2013, available for purchase here.



Plaid Windows original quilted pillow, completed Winter 2013, available for purchase here.



Echo Star original quilted pillow, completed Winter 2013, available for purchase here. Will also be available as a pattern soon.



Neon Blah pillow, completed Winter 2013, available for purchase here.



Crazy Star Quilt, completed in Fall of 2012.



“Fractured Circles” quilt made as a gift for Lisa Solomon, completed in early Fall 2012.




Friendship Bracelet original quilt pattern, August 2011, available for sale as a downloadable PDF here.



“Waves” framed piece for Assemble‘s “This Will Be Our Year” exhibition, January 2011. Tiny patchwork squares pieced together,with beading and embroidery added as a final layer.




Sunshine Medallions original quilt pattern, available for sale as a downloadable pdf here.



Facets original quilt pattern, in the Fall 2010 issue of Stitch Magazine.



Little Forest wall hanging



Hills ‘n Hollers quilt



Marquee (or as we now call it, the Lego quilt) for Ian



Value Stash Quilt



Single Girl quilt



Sunshine strips quilt



The Simple quilt for a girl who is anything but



Goonight Moon quilt



Emma’s study quilt



Ian’s study quilt



A lap quilt for Mom



May 2006 What A Bunch of Squares quilt (king size)



2005’s Once Upon a Time Quilt

(my first blog project)

A patchwork quilt made of Emma’s baby clothes

before I started the blog, 2000

Free Pattern: Crochet Cloud Cowl

free crochet patterns
Often its the yarn that dictates the project. I saw this yarn the other day by the winding table at The Weaving Works, Crystal Palace Mochi Plus yarn in #612 (there are several colors available here as well) and I picked up some on impulse. No idea what I would use it for, but I loved the feel and colors in this self-striping yarn. Later, I decided to do an easy crochet cowl pattern, just to see how the striping would work with it. Turned out kind of cute! And easy to do, one afternoon is all it took.

How to Crochet a Granny Square with a Circle Center

Crochet pillow
Want to learn how to these crocheted granny squares with circular centers? Keep reading! I’m not even sure what the proper name is, but here is how I make them. Please let me know if you have questions by emailing me at and I promise an answer as quickly as possible.

Apartment Therapy Tour

I am very honored (and, quite frankly, a little nervous) to have our home toured on Apartment Therapy today, please take a look. When I was asked by Andie if I wanted to do this, Peter and I had to think hard about it. We are not decorators, we don’t have expensive, iconic pieces that make others drool. But I decided to do the tour because I think what we do have is a home filled with us. Our home is filled with love, lots of handmade things, and we’ve made it a very comfortable, livable space. My hope is that our home shows that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a comfortable, lively space that you can feel proud of.

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