Boro Quilt- #myquiltcouldlivehere

Boro Quilt from Wise Craft Quilts

Photo by Stephanie Congdon Barnes of 3191 Miles Apart

While writing my book, I knew I wanted to include a project that was not traditional- meaning, in the sense that a traditional quilt has a top, quilt batting in the middle, and a backing. I wanted something lighter weight, a coverlet or lightweight throw. That’s really where the idea began for the Boro quilt. There is only a layer of muslin in between the top and the back, no batting. Making it the perfect lightweight cover for summer, and the perfect project to take with you to stitch on. READ MORE

#myquiltcouldlivehere New Flower Stamps Quilt Pattern

Flower Stamp
A new quilt pattern, just in time for Spring! Flower Stamps is one of those ideas I had in my mind for a long time before I actually got the chance to work on it. You know the kind. They get scribbled or doodled down on small bits of paper when you’re doing something totally unrelated, just so you don’t forget about them!


#myquiltcouldlivehere- Value, a scrap quilt story

I have so much to share with you! Now that my book is officially out on the shelves, I want to talk a little about each of the quilts in it and share some background of how they came to be and the meaning behind each one. I thought I’d start with one of my favorites, a quilt called Value. READ MORE

Tagged by Cheryl Arkison

Tagged Cheryl Arkison
My friend Cheryl has just debuted her first line of quilting cotton, Tagged.
She asked some of us if we would play along with a fun little word game she came up with to show off the fabric online! Each day, someone posts a quilt block somehow made with their assigned word, in tagged fabric. The end of the week spells out “Create Every Single Day”. My word was “single”.

How To: Calculating and Sewing on Quilt Binding

quilt binding
Quilt binding is like putting your beautiful quilt in a frame. Sometimes it matches, sometimes it contrasts, but it should always be done well. Its what the user will often handle and see, the edges.
I have a video up on my YouTube channel showing my favorite method for creating and sewing on quilt binding. If you struggle with this step, don’t worry, so did I.READ MORE

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