Tillandsia- New free quilt pattern!

Tillandsia wallhanging
I’ve recently REdiscovered air plants. After having a few tiny ones on my kitchen windowsill for a couple of years, I bought a new Xerographica at The Handmade Showroom and have fallen in love with air plants all over again. 
I next brought home a Tillandsia, started working on a new quilt pattern, and, well, you probably see where this is going.

This wallhanging was designed with four of the same block, all oriented different ways. It reminded me of my new Tillandsia plant, and that inspired me to use the different green prints (some vintage, some new).

And even though I have been doing a lot of free motion quilting in hopes of learning as much as I can, the feather motif has always made me nervous. Doing it freehand seemed daunting. That’s a lot of freehand! I have tried some stencils but those didn’t work so well, plus I really don’t enjoy marking them on the quilt. I’ve made many very awkward practice feathers in my quest to master the feather.

And then, the other day, while making this piece, something apparently clicked. I finally seemed to get how to do it! At least well enough to jump in and try stitching some on this piece. Maybe it was because it wasn’t a full quilt, but I didn’t worry about messing it up and that seemed to relax me enough to give it a try and I’m so glad I did! Practice, practice, practice! These are by no means perfect, but I feel like I get the motion and flow a little bit better after diving in on this piece. As you can see, I feathered it as much as I could.
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