Clean Sheet Day

Clean Sheet Day
On Sundays at the wise craft house (if people play their cards right), by bedtime we all have clean sheets. Once in a while, like today, I’ll even go so far as to wash our bed quilts and do a complete strip, wash, and re-fluff (mattress covers, blankets, everything). (Disclaimer- I will also admit to many Sundays when I merely smooth the covers, throw on a fresh pillowcase, and call it good, promising I’ll get to it tomorrow- which doesn’t always happen.) But today, everything was washed. Another reason I love quilts. A handmade quilt can be washed with no worries. It doesn’t have to be dry cleaned. It comes out clean, fresh smelling, wonderfully rumply, as close to perfect as I can imagine.

Clean Sheet Day
Clean Sheet Day
I do love settling into bed on clean sheet day. We will hit the ground running and start a busy week when the alarm clock goes off tomorrow…Girl Scout meetings, taekwondo, soccer, 2 parties over the weekend. But tonight, I’m so very grateful that my kids are tucked into their clean sheets just down the hall. Like me.
Some days those little things are totally what get me through.
-I am planning a redo of our dining room. Mind you, I’ve planned this in my head for a while now (like all projects I take on around here), but its finally started to get to the next stage. There’s some potential in there that is not yet realized. We can’t buy new furniture, and I probably won’t even paint the furniture we have (I wish there wasn’t so much black, but they are nice pieces and I’m going to work with them for now). My thoughts and inspiration on this project deserve their own post. Let’s just say I’m adding some bright and snappy in there.
-I’m obsessed with crossword puzzles right now. I do at least one every night and feel a little panicky if I don’t have a book of them in my purse for emergency downtime. I downloaded the New York Times crossword puzzle app on my phone (only a so-so app, and I think its pricey), but really prefer the pencil-to-paper method anyway.  Anybody else out there have a favorite crossword puzzle resource? (Emma has started doing them too!)
– Oh! More draft blockers, I’m convinced I need these in the windows by our bed(s). Exciting, right?
Hope your week is off to a great start?
What about you?

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