Good Fortune Hex

Good Fortune Hex, 6″ x 6″ wooden board, combination of gouache and acrylic.
Even though the painting class is now over, I have found myself missing the act of sitting down and starting a painting. I wanted to create a new one and keep the ideas and inspirations I have in my head fresh, so I started this one on Saturday night and finished it Tuesday afternoon (I am not even sure the paint is dry when I snapped this photo). Paintings take a lot of time, I had no idea! I found a paperback book on the subject of Pennsylvania Dutch hex symbols at the thrift store several months ago and I’ve been pulling it off the shelf at least once a week to flip through it since then. That is where the inspiration started for this piece. First the book, then further reading and researching, and here you go. Originally painted onto barns to ward off evil spirits, these hex symbols also have a long and symbolic history. Each of the symbols within a hex have meanings that can be interpretive. I found several different meanings of each of the symbols I used in my piece, but roughly-
eight pointed star- good fortune
wheat- abundance and goodwill
tulips- trust in mankind

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