Granny Square Sampler Project- Week 3

Here’s what we have so far. How do you like what you’ve done?
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Granny Square Sampler
(Ignore that I have stitched some of my smaller ones together, that may or may not come later for you, but not to worry about doing that yet.)
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Our new square for this week is a teensy bit different, just different enough to get you new crocheters into a new step without getting completely frustrated. My personal preference is for granny squares that are less “open”, and this week’s is one definitely a more “closed” one. (If you like more open ones, there will be some of those coming up too, not too worry.)
Granny Square Sampler
This is my very first attempt at a video on my phone (thank you for giving me the idea to rig my tripod Rachel!) so please forgive the non-professional look. Its extremely cloudy and drippy here today, and I grabbed all the natural light I could.
OK, first a short video to introduce this week’s granny square-

Now, to demonstration how to do this granny square. At the end of this video, I talk about how to weave in your tails and I said there are 2 ways to do it, there’s actually more ways than that to weave in tails, but I use these 2 ways. (Also, I mention something about doing 2 of these this week for homework, but we are making 3.) Hope it helps!

Square 4, Variation Granny Square with 5 rounds-
Make 3 of these, one should be one or two colors only, the 3rd one is your choice, you can change color with each round, or keep it also to one or two colors.
Design Tip- If you ever want to do the next round in a new color, end off at the finish of the current round just like we’ve done with the granny squares from weeks 1 and 2. Start your next round/new color in one of the corners.
For a refresher course on basic double crochet stitches, go to the bottom of this post and watch the video I link to.

 **If starting a new color on rounds 2-5, join in the middle DC of any side
**Each round adds 4 DC per side
With first color, ch 5, join with a sl st to form a ring.

Rnd 1- Ch 3 (counts as dc), 3 dc in loop, ch 3 [4 dc in ring, ch 3] 3 times, join with sl st to top of Ch 3—4 dc per side 
Rnds 2-5: Ch 3 (counts as dc), [dc in each dc across to corner, 2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc in corner] 4 times.  Dc in any remaining dc to ch 3, sl st in top of ch 3
A few other things
Thank you all so much for trying to help out yesterday! I now feel like I actually have a couple of options that won’t involve ripping it out, thank you!

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