Granny Square Sampler Completed

granny square sampler

granny square sampler
granny square sampler
After all those weeks of crocheting all different kinds of granny squares, in all different colors, my own granny square sampler is finally done. I finished it over a week ago, but spent a few evenings weaving in tails.
There were a lot of tails-
granny square sampler
I’m so happy I kept with this project! I hope those of you that did it with me are too! I plan to take a full picture in better light to put on the project page and the ravelry page, etc.
One last question- did anyone add an interesting border around their afghan they could link to? I’m undecided about adding another round to mine, but thought seeing others might help me decide.
Added 10/29/12- The finished dimensions of this afghan (without any additional borders I may add) is 36″ x 46″. There were about 7 various granny squares that I did not use in the finished piece. I certainly could have used these, and made the afghan bigger, but the end use I had in mind for this one was as a lap blanket.


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