I’m writing a new book and I’d like your help!

Vintage Photos of people on quilts Wise Craft Handmade
I feel like I can finally let you in on what I’m working on here at the studio this summer. I’m in the process of writing a new book! And I need your help!
I’ve known for a long time that I wanted to write another book and I knew that I wanted a second book to be all about upcycled quilts and creatively reusing meaningful materials in quilts. Quilts that tell stories. These types of quilts have become a major part of the work I do and feel I have a story to tell in book form. I am just really starting to dive in full throttle, after pondering and preplanning for some time now.
To help tell the story for this book I have asked Stephanie Congdon Barnes, the West Coast Portland half of 3191, to photograph the book. Stephanie has been working with me behind the scenes since I told her about this crazy idea for a book. She has such a gift of capturing everyday, beautiful life in a very beautiful, inspiring way. I knew I wanted her to photography my quilts for this book and honestly, I can’t wait to see my work through her eyes! Our collaboration is already inspiring my work. (Her photography above of my collection of vintage photographs of people on quilts.) (She and I will be showing sneak peeks tagged #wisecraftquiltsbook as we create the book on Instagram- 3191 Miles Apart and BlairS. We hope you’ll follow along.)
This book is due out in Spring of 2017 (yes, publishing books is the one thing that never seems to get speedier) and will be published by Roost. They have welcomed me into their family and I feel so lucky to be working with them.
And now where you come in! There are two ways I need your help.
1. I am looking for your quilt and textiles stories. About textiles in your life that have been made in a quilt, or that you’d like to make into a quilt, or that are simply very special to you and your life story for some reason. We all seem to have them and I’m very curious to know yours. Often when I speak to groups about using clothing and significant textiles in my work, they will stop me afterwards, whether it be to tell me about the collection of silk pajama pants that their dad’s company made, or the collection of silk coat linings a mother kept in a box when she tailored suits and coats for friends. Whether it be a collection of your Grandad’s favorite flannel shirts, or your baby’s clothes, I’d like you to tell me the story for possible inclusion in the book. I have been spending a lot of time going through the stories from the Cloth & Memory exhibition from a few years ago and am engrossed in reading about how emotions, memories, and comfort can be so closely tied to a quilt or garments. Would you considering emailing your stories to me? Please email them to [email protected] (Subject line “Quilt Story”). I can’t wait to read them!!
2. One of the projects I will make for the book is a quilt of baby clothes. I could try and curate a collection of beautiful baby clothes, but that’s not really how many baby’s wardrobes look now is it? You may recall the baby clothes quilt I made several weeks ago for a client. The idea of the quilt for the book will be the same, but a different pattern. If you have a collection of your baby’s clothes and are interested in having them made into a quilt (at no cost to you, I only ask that your quilt be held for photographing for the book), please email me at [email protected] (Subject Line “Baby Quilt”). Done! Look for it in my newest book!
Thank you. Every one of you. From the bottom of my heart. This book would not be possible if it weren’t for the enthusiastic response you gave my first book. Thank for believing in and rooting for the work I do, and for always cheering me on. I am so excited I can hardly stand it!

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