In Between

When I began this blog, back in 2005, a lot of what I wrote about centered around daily life with my kids. We three spent a lot of our days together back then, and found creative ways to fill our time. I truly treasure the snippets of time that I documented on wise craft, writing about those days on this blog felt like it gave it all so much more life than just taking one photograph.
Even though they are still very much still my daily focus, I don’t write about Emma and Ian so much anymore. This is in part a conscious decision and in part a natural evolution of our life together. As much as I’ve tried to slow it down, they are, in fact, getting older. More and more of their days are spent out and about in their own world, and I feel a strong need to let them keep their life and private. This is especially true with Emma. She is 11 years old today. That’s just nuts! When I started this blog she was so little, just starting kindergarten. Feels like ages ago…
Lately, however, I feel the strong evidence of a “tweener” in our house. What does that mean? Well, there’s the wiki definition, and there’s our real life version, which doesn’t feel so straightforward. Our real life tweener is a girl who is sweet and little and in her room playing with her tiny Calico Critter animals one minute, maybe wanting to hug and snuggle with me, then the next minute could be asking me about makeup, crying over too much homework, rolling her eyes because I won’t let her stay up and read past her bedtime (ah! the eye rolling!), or have a friend over every afternoon, the one who needs a little space (or not, her call). Where did this girl come from? The other day she made her own little dressing table after reading one of those Daring Book for Girls (sorry, don’t know which one) all afternoon. I just couldn’t resist photographing it. She covered stacks of shoe boxes with 2 pieces of fabric, covered it with things she deems “important”, and she just loves it. So cute. And so symbolic of where she’s at in her life. The lipgloss and jewelry, nail polish, deodorant (suddenly a big necessity)…all mixed with bakugan cards, rubber band balls, and one of her homemade potions (weird combinations of shampoo, lotion, and whatever she can find) in a Pingu bottle.
Big Girl mixed with Little Girl.
The uncertainty of the middle.
So I enter the new challenge of parenting this new-ish Emma that’s landed at our doorstep. I feel the need to give her a little space and a lot of guidance. Just do the best I can. I realize this is merely one of the thousand phases she will go through in her life. I am fascinated by all of them. The current phase, which I have dubbed the Loves Baby Soft phase, includes angel food birthday cake and jewel encrusted earbuds for her Ipod. I’m going with it…
Happy Birthday Emma, you are more awesome every year.

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