The Finished Quilt for Ian - Wise Craft Handmade
Upcycled patchwork, modern quilts, and books by Blair Stocker. Seattle, Washington
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The Finished Quilt for Ian

The Modern Quilt Workshop
To explain why, in spite of all the scurry that fills our days right now, I would stop to obsessively finish this quilt off, is to just call me a little bit of crazy. The half excitement and half crazy parts of sewing can make me really productive, and I wanted to see this finished real bad. I brought it home from The Quilting Loft last week.
The Modern Quilt Workshop
The Modern Quilt Workshop
The quilting Holly did for me, all-over loop-d-loops, turned out, once again, just as I’d hoped. The loops add just enough and take away nothing. I’d given her a cotton, full sized bed sheet for the back, and she chose compatible batting based on the effect I wanted. (*For the record that there are times I get a lot of satisfaction out of quilting my own quilts, like the stash value quilt as an example. But when I want an all-over pattern like this, I just can’t do it on my sewing machine, it definitely needs the expertise of a long arm quilter.)
Thing is I’ve had this quilt on my to do list for years. Years. The book, The Modern Quilt Workshop came out in 2005 and that’s when I fell in love with this Marquee pattern. If I really liked it that much for so long, sooner or later I feel that I have to just go for it. I’m really glad I did.
The Modern Quilt Workshop
When I posted about the finished quilt top, a commenter made the analogy of the stacked patchwork blocks looking like Legos and I suddenly saw it too! Why hadn’t I seen that before? The patterns I used (which may be seen better here) are a combination of muted colors, a lot of Denyse Schmidt Katie Jump Rope, and a random mix that provided color when the quilt needed it. Ian’s room is orange, so I wanted some touches of orange sprinkled throughout.
The Modern Quilt Workshop
This quilt will alternate with Ian’s Goodnight Moon quilt, which is still a favorite of mine. You may be asking why did I made yet another quilt for a bed around here (that’s already got one)? I guess I’m just never content to keep things as they are for too long. For selfish reasons I like to look in Ian’s room and see something like this, that I made for him.
Alright, off to curl up under my quilt with hulu. Night everyone!