Introducing my newest quilt pattern, Skiddy

photo by Cate Dingley



I am super excited to have this quilt pattern out in the world finally!


Skiddy is made scrappy, and with large blocks that come together quick and in a bit of a magical way.


But first, let me tell you the story of how this quilt came to be.


I found a quilt top at an antique store and purchased it for a song. Mainly because it was unfinished, true, but it was pretty poorly constructed too. Although something about this quilt peaked my curiosity. I put is away for several months, as I usually do with these things that like this, that inspire me. It’s almost like they need time to percolate in my mind.


I finally got it out and still couldn’t really make any real sense of how it was constructed. But I started playing around with the size of the blocks, making them more fat-quarter friendly. I wanted scrappy blocks, decided to test out some ideas I had to expand the colors within each block. After a few months of try after try of failed blocks, I finally got my idea to work one day! The idea was a combination of the original quilt design, and what I had simultaneously designed in my mind. I couldn’t believe I’d actually came up with a pretty cool block construction!


And the best part is that Skiddy is a value-based, scrappy design, like my favorite kind of quilts. Perfect for using your Ruby Ruler™. You could, of course, make the same area in each block a solid white, or a solid dark. But you can also go totally scrappy as the original above.


I made the cover quilt using the new collection “Heirloom” by Alexia Abegg for Ruby Star Society. Its so interesting that these fabrics and colors were the first ones I worked with in our new Santa Fe home. They just perfectly fit our new environment. For that reason alone I think I immediately fell in love with this design. There are cutting and fabric instructions included for cutting into this collection and making the quilt on the cover of the pattern.



Skiddy Quilt Picnic

photo by Cate Dingley


Skiddy is perfectly suited for your favorite collection of fat quarters. Its beginner friendly (if you have the basic idea how to make a quilt, and know your way around your sewing machine, you’re good). All the instructions include sizes for Mini Quilt, Crib, Throw, Twin, Queen, and King sizes (somebody please make a big one!).

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