Learn More about the Ruby Ruler®️ in these videos

If you are on Facebook and enjoy watching FB Live videos like I do, I wanted to let you know about two recent videos from folks who reviewed the new Ruby Ruler®️. It may give you even more insight into how to use this nifty tool!
Penguin and Fish Ruby Ruler
Alyssa Thomas of Penguin and Fish (above) recently did an entire FB Live to her Penguin and Fish FB subscribers just on using Value in your quilt designs, and demonstrates how the Ruby Ruler®️ can help determine value. The best takeaway from it is now my new favorite line-

Value Defines Form

In her video (which I believe you can view here, but I highly recommend becoming a member of her page), she breaks down how the relative lightness or darkness of a fabric can really create a lot of form in your quilts. She uses crayons and a simple line drawing of a log cabin block to describe this visually. Its very clear, I recommend you watch it to get a better understanding of value in general! (Also sign up for her newsletter, she has adorable embroidery pattern freebies for you when you do).
A little trivia for you- Alyssa has done a FBLive video almost every night (with very few breaks) for nearly TWO YEARS!!

Sew Sweetness Ruby Ruler

Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness included the Ruby Ruler®️in her Sewcial Sunday episode from 2/11/18 (image above). Sara does a quick demonstration with a group of swatches and shows how fabrics can appear to be relatively light or dark in value to the naked eye, but looking through the Ruby Ruler®️ at them can reveal a different (and sometimes surprising) result.
Thanks to both Alyssa and Sara for showing more about the Ruby Ruler®️ and trying it out!
Over the coming weeks, I’ll be introducing and pointing you to more videos that will break down how color value in quilting works, and how the Ruby Ruler®️ can help you with determining the value differences in your fabrics. In the meantime, comment with your questions on this post, they are likely questions others have too!

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