Learn to make Woven Brooches with me at Monster Art Clothing and Gifts in Seattle


New workshop just added! Join me this March at Monster Art Clothing and Gifts here in Seattle, where I will be teaching my woven brooch project kits. Located in the Ballard Neighborhood, Monster just expanded into a new space, complete with a larger workshop area that can hold more students!

These woven brooches are based on a technique I developed after studying some vintage pieces I’d purchased second hand. Its part chicken-scratch embroidery, part sashiko. Scratshiko?

Whatever you use to describe it, the technique is easy to learn, a breeze to stitch up, and creates a lush texture on the surface of the cloth. I will show the basic technique as you create your own beautiful wooden and denim brooch (the complete kit is provided with the class). After you learn, you can use the technique on any of your embroidery and creative mending projects.

Woven Brooch Workshop

Date: Saturday, 3/28/20

Time: 2-4:00pm

Details: You receive 1 complete brooch kit (choose from 4 color ways) with class. And bonus! You will also get a 20% discount at Monster during the workshop! Come, learn, and do a little shopping!

Register on the Monster website.


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