Power to the People- Learn to make beautiful scrap quilts!

Ruby Ruler
I’m excited to be launching new workshops this year that focus on making unique, modern scrap quilts. So many of us have scraps of fabrics, fat quarters here, charm packs there, remnants of favorite fabrics we’ve been holding on to, waiting for just the right project. (I know this isn’t JUST me!)
Because I focus a lot of my teaching on the whole “use what you have” concept, my students often bring in to class an assortment of scraps, hoping to make sense of them. I deal with scrappy quilting and the value differences in fabrics every day, its my favorite way to quilt. I am well aware of how they can make a beautiful quilt. But it can a hard concept for a newer quilter to understand. They don’t always trust what their eye sees as light or dark values.
In comes my hardest working ruler! I developed the Ruby Ruler™ as a design tool to help make sense of all those scraps. If you can effectively divide your scraps into color value, you can make some amazing quilt designs.
Ruby Ruler
I am excited to introduce my newest workshop at Drygoods Design here in Seattle, Scrap Magic (Saturday, March 24 11-5pm) ! In this class, you will bring in your scraps and unleash their full potential using the concept of value and how it creates dynamic design in your quilts. We will truly put the Ruby Ruler™ into action and make it work for us. I’ll walk students through how easy and fun it is to create design and form through the magic of color value. You will learn to look at your fabrics and quilt design with an artist’s eye, no matter what you consider your quilting level to be.

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Ruby Ruler
All the information for this class, as well as the other upcoming workshops I’ll be teaching, is on the Drygoods website. Its my favorite “off campus” place to sew, a truly special place.

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