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Introducing The Ruby Ruler™!

Ruby Ruler

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The fun quilting tool you didn’t even know you needed!

Use the versatile Ruby Ruler™ two different ways-

Use the acrylic cutting ruler to square up pieced units or fabric scraps to 5″ or smaller. Combine these with charm squares to create an infinite variety of quilt designs! Align the 45 degree angle in the center of the ruler to the seam of half square or quarter square triangles to trim blocks perfectly.

Ruby Ruler

Or, use its REAL MAGIC as an artist’s viewfinder! Artists and photographers have long used Rubylith film to view the different color values in their work. We can use that same trick in quilting too. Hold the red-hued Ruby Ruler™ up to your eyes and look through it at all your scraps. The ruby color cancels out color, allowing you to instead focus on the value (the lightness or darkness) of any print or solid fabric.

Ruby Ruler

Use these different values to design scrappy quilts that are beautiful, unique, and dynamic!

Ruby Ruler

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