#myquiltcouldlivehere- Flower Stripes Quilt

Flower Stripes is a quilt I made a few years back, in the style of the Jelly Roll Race quilt. I loved making this one because it was another one of those “play” projects that turned into something interesting in the end.

I’d wanted to make something quick, mainly to practice my free motion quilting on. But of course, I didn’t go the easy way and use a true jelly roll, I made my own jelly roll strips out of clothes and fabric from the thrift store, then mixed them with a few jelly roll strips of newer fabrics. I always liked the color palette because it didn’t make any sense until the quilt was done. It just kind of came together.

Flower Stripes quilt

Clockwise from top left: Prada Fall/Winter 2015/Neutral room/Bar/kitchen with pink fridge/peony/ankle boots/Flower Strips quilt
I could see this quilt living with an owner who has a very sentimental attachment to it. Maybe she had took it with her to college, or maybe a friend (a textile major) made it for her with bits cut from their dorm curtains while in college. Maybe the flowers in it remind her of her childhood wallpaper. It tells a story that makes it feel special to her, and necessary to be appreciated in her living space. She loves it and uses it all the time.
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