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Star Quilt

I got back from my quick trip to Craftcation on Saturday evening. What a wonderful time I had!

I will talk more about it this week, but first, I was really inspired to share a new My Quilt Could Live Here post after talking about it with folks at the conference. I started these posts partly because it was a new way for me to talk about the quilts I make. My work is so strongly connected to the way I feel about color, and these collages give me opportunities to look at how colors and environments look against my work. They are enjoyable to create and look back on. I have to credit Megan Auman’s Pinterest Marketing for Makers and Designers CreativeLive class for the spark that started these collage images, and I was able to tell her so at Craftcation. Pinterest is a tool that has real potential for makers like myself, and the trick will be using it to our advantage, whatever that may mean to each of us. I pin regularly, and have a healthy amount of followers, but feel I haven’t yet tapped in to the full potential of Pinterest for my business. Until then, I will take Megan’s advice, continue to have fun creating interesting pins, and enjoy the inspiration I get from everyone’s pins.


That said, let’s look at a new collage for my Echo Star quilt

Clockwise from top left: bedroom with yellow/mustard sofa/Echo Star quilt/white flowers/mended jeans/blue chair/outfit with yellow accents/fair isle sweater


The Echo Star quilt is quite possibly my favorite quilt of all time. It’s not a complicated design, but there’s some subtle play with the colors in it that create a lot of modern sparkle and interest on it’s surface. In it are several different blues, grays and whites. This effect took a lot more time to piece, but in the end was part of what makes this quilt’s shine factor.


The Echo Star quilt pattern is available as both a printed and PDF pattern. There is also a supplemental video available for extra help in construction!


The symmetry of this quilt design appeals to my preppy side. Symmetrical patterns are very calming to me. I think it’s another part of why I love this quilt so much. Just like a favorite sweater that always fits perfectly and looks great, the bunch of flowers that look gorgeous anywhere, or the favorite chair that you always feel cozy in. What you can’t see is the surprise of mustard yellow on the back of this quilt (visible in the last image in this post). Not for everyone, but a true all-time favorite of mine.
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