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Hi everyone! I hope you are well.

Its looking more and more like our best bet for staying healthy these next few months is staying home whenever possible. Which actually doesn’t make me all that sad. I am a homebody at heart, and I love our new house in Santa Fe. I also love having time to sit and make things.

Sounds like 2020’s Fall and Winter seasons were kind of made for me.


If you are planning your cold weather sewing, this week I’ll be introducing you to the newest products I’ve added to the shop. Or maybe give you some ideas if you are wondering what you’ll be making.

If you love the look of handstitching those fun sashiko patterns, but don’t love having to trace them onto your fabric, try these new washable transfers. Each set comes with 1 sheet each of 4 different patterns. Stick the 4×5″ sheet directly on the area you want to stitch, stitch through the fabric and the transfer sheet. Once you’re done, put the entire thing in water and the sheet will dissolve, leaving you with your beautiful stitching! I have been using these on a jean jacket and can’t really stop, they are just so easy!

You will likely want to press out your project when its done, and I can’t recommend the Flatter products enough! I am now carrying the full size bottles of my 2 favorite scents- Pineapple Grove and Yuzu. I often recommend Yuzu for any pressing of vintage fabrics you want to use in your projects. It has a very nice scent that will help to rid the musty old odors you don’t want to stay around. And Pineapple Grove is the newest Flatter scent and it just makes the whole room smell fresh. I used it for a large batch of masks I made and wearing those masks was the most pleasant mask-wearing experience EVER!

I will be introducing some more products in the coming days. Stay well and productive everyone!

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