New Q(uilting) & A video up today- What is “squaring up”?

Squaring Up


It’s Thursday! Which means I have a new video for you (this is getting less scary, this video stuff!). Today’s subject is all about the quilting term “squaring up”. What it means and how to do it.

Squaring up is exactly what you think it is. Double checking the measurements of your quilt block after you sew all the pieces together. Newer quilters in my workshops are often a little surprised when they learn that this is an important step. Why wouldn’t it be the right measurement? If I cut everything right? But you would be surprised. A teensy bit off here…there…can add up to a quilt block that is not exactly the right size. Better to double check, shave off any excess, or find out why its too small, before trying to wrangle it in to fit with the rest of your quilt blocks.


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squaring up quilt blocks

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