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Portal Quilt featuring the Stellar Collection from Ruby Star Society


A few months ago I got to design a quilt using a brand new collection from Ruby Star Society, and it was introduced at Quilt Market in Houston back in October, so its time to introduce it to you all!



Stellar is a collection by Rashida Coleman Hale, one of the designers at Ruby Star Society. I’ve know Rashida for years and was so happy to play around with this collection. The prints work together so beautifully. And they all have the prettiest spots of gold metallic on them. The palette has a lovely transition from warm to cools, with a full print spectrum of pinks called “Kiss” and yellows called “Butter”, in between.



The Design for the Portal Quilt

I wanted to try my Ruby Ruler™ on them. Looking through the ruler at the different values is a great way to tease out some of the more subtle values between the fabrics. Its always so fun to do this on a pile of scraps, but even more fun on a whole fabric line. With a complete line, first glance usually looks like there’s some definite lights and darks. But a look through the ruler can make darks out of lights and vice versa! (Which I refer to as “quilt sparkle“.)


I separated the collection into 3 value groups, and created a block-based pattern that is a twist on the classic Attic Windows block. The result is a super fast block-based quilt design that comes together quickly.

And the best part? No Y Seams! Yes, even someone like me who’s make a bazillion quilts can detest a Y Seam. Its not necessarily fun for me to sew them together. I much prefer to make quilts that don’t have them and focus on colors instead. I show you 2 different ways to attach those center, dark value blocks and there’s not a Y-seam in sight. Promise.

The Portal quilt pattern is both beginner and precut friendly, and so fun to put together! Rashida’s Stellar fabric like will ship to stores in March 2020, and the pattern will be available March 1st in PDF and printed form.

I am planning and online sew along in March, more details on that soon!

Portal Quilt Pattern


The pattern will be released to quilt stores in late February/early March to coincide with the release of the Stellar collection. Quilt shops, if you would like to carry the pattern so your customers can sew along with us in March, please contact your Moda/United Notions rep for ordering.

Look for a brand new free online sew along in the Spring and make this one with me! To know all the details, be sure you’re on my mailing list.

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