Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Lecture and Trunk Show

Wise Craft Quilts Cover

So much fun to start off a flurry of talking about quilts from my life and my book with my people- The Seattle Modern Quilt Guild! On Wednesday, March 8, at the Greenwood Senior Center, 7-9pm, I will be sharing peeks of quilts from my new book (cover above), as well as discussing my journey as a lover of turning old lovely fabrics into new quilts. If you are a member, I would love to see you there! If you are thinking of becoming a member, head over to the website and join! We have a lot of fun. I will also have copies of my books for sale (which is fun mainly because these folks will be the first ones to see it- its not officially out until March 14th!). I’ll also have quilt patterns for sale, and other fun stuff to share. Looking forward to a fun evening talking about quilts!
I will also be having an all day workshop with Seattle MQG members entitled “Upcycle Your Quiltmaking!” -April 22, 2017. The class description-
The foundations of quilt making and patchwork are deeply rooted in the simple concept of creative reuse and making new out of old. These are concepts I explore in my own quilt making, which I like to call traditional modern. I wrote my newest book, Wise Craft Quilts: A Guide To Turning Beloved Fabrics into Meaningful Patchwork to expand on this idea.
In this 6 hour, full day workshop, I will guide you through thinking differently about your own modern quilt making. We will plan and begin executing a quilt based on fabrics you have picked from your own life. These fabrics are most likely hiding in a drawer, attic, or a relatives’ house. They could be a loved, yet tattered t-shirt collection, Grandmother’s well-used table linens. They may be as cherished as your baby’s first year clothes, or as mundane as last years clothes set aside for Goodwill.
I will share all my strategies and secrets for cleaning, cutting up and preparing the fabrics for use in a quilting. I’ll discuss other aspects of the quilt making process such as needle size, thread types, etc, suitable for your fabrics. Each student will also receive a copy of The Complete Quilt Design Planner pattern to use both in class and take home to use.
You will leave with an understanding of what our Great Grandmothers innately knew. Look no further than what you already have to make something beautiful.
If you are interesting in having me come to your guild or group for a workshop or lecture/trunk show, see my current workshops and lectures on this page and my current teaching schedule here. Contact me at

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