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Spring Inspirations

Spring Inspiration
Let’s get this week going!
I got sick last week. Really sick. I was trying to keep everything going, ignored the signs, and well, it all came crashing down. (Thank you family, for taking care of me. I needed it.) I’m happy to say that I’m starting off this week feeling much better, and more importantly, with a much more realistic attitude about what I can and can’t get done in any given day.
Lesson learned, universe. Well played… I got it.
As soon as I was feeling better, I made the new inspiration image above, to remind myself of all the things that are making me happy right now. I have a ton of new ideas and ready to get started.
Vintage feed sacks
Leather-covered rocks, a project in my book. I can’t wait to make some more of these!
A needlepoint I bought for $5. (I have some fun ideas on how to use it.)
Denyse Schmidt’s Piccadilly line, available at Joann’s.
Spring flowers
Sashiko thread- I’ve admired it from a distance for a while, but I’m trying to teach myself the basic stitches, and I love it.